Do Cheap Escorts Mean Bad Services?

high class escorts

There are two well known but conflicting sayings. You get what you pay for and the best things in life are free. Neither count when it comes to escorts though and we are happy to explain why.

Let’s take it for granted though that we are not talking about some backstreet lady of the night who will hop into your car and give you a quick hand relief here. We are talking about high class escort ladies and the services that they offer, and why there is a price differential.

For example there are some so called ‘high class’ escort websites that charge their girls out at £5,000 plus a night – you would want something really special for that we think, almost a celebrity. These girls are the exceptions and demand an incredible fee for their perception of themselves and what their image can do for a guy when they are together in public. There is also a ‘rip off’ element here, targeting very wealthy guys where money literally is no object.

You can see what the high class/elite escorts look like by heading on over to 247 Birmingham Escorts, in this market you can pay anything from £1000 per hour which is a very expensive service but no doubt you will be spending it with the finest ladies around.

But to the normal guy on the street, what represents value and how can you get great value for money? Many girls will offer out their ‘services’ for a realistic fee. Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder we understand that but the fact is that many of these girls are absolutely stunning and offer a high quality and most satisfying service. Their reasons for doing what they do are many and varied. Some girls genuinely do get a thrill from what they do and you can potentially be the recipient of their enthusiasm at minimal cost.

Other girls may well see what they do as their work and will take advantage of any opportunity. To that end if the girl is not particularly ‘busy’ or simply wants to increase her earnings then she may well offer her companionship at reduced rates rather than be sat at home polishing her nails waiting for the phone to ring or texts to flood in. its her decision and once again some guy may be the very lucky recipient of her earning requirements.

If you have never seen what cheap London escorts look like before then you can do by heading on over to, these girls start at £100 per hour upwards and definitely fit within the cheap market.

Are escorts good value for money?

Then another category or genre of working girl that may offer incredible value for money is the lady who is new to the job. She may want to establish a portfolio of known and dependable clients. She may also, if we can be honest be learning the job as she goes.

How exciting to be booking an escort in the very early stages of their careers. Teach her everything that you know and watch as she learns and enjoys everything that you re doing together. That is a real win win scenario if ever there was one.

There is a view that some escorts, as they gain more experience then they gain greater skills and empathy for their clients requirements. This should in reality equate to added value and a potential increase in value but again the reality may be somewhat different.

Experienced escorts may be able to choose their clients and name their price and for many men this does not hold appeal. Better to look at the services offered by a newer girl thats learning her way along.

Also there  is the question of commissions taken by escort agency websites. Some of these players charge extortionate amounts that are unfortunately passed on to the client.

Quite unfair and neither the girl nor the client see any benefits from this. So again, paying lesser overall fees for booking an escort reflects in the nature of the agency and their demands.

So the reality is that lower fees – or cheaper escorts do not mean a bad service. In many instances the opposite is actually the case. Expectations from an escort charging very high fees will be sky high and the demand and requirement to deliver on this expectation can fail for both parties. High fee paying guys expect perfection and a wide range of escort services that may not always be delivered on.

You certainly pay your money and take your choice but consider the above and consider less expensive escorts – more for your money, why not have two for the price of one?

If you are considering booking an escort service then we would recommend you check out our etiquette guide for the modern gentlemen before doing so, it will help you understand how to treat and prepare for your date.


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