Thousands attend knob tossing event

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Dorset knob throwing

Thousands of people flocked to Dorset today for their annual knob throwing contest.

In Dorset a knob isn’t the same as it is for you and I, it’s a spherical biscuit which can sometimes resemble a bell-end. Once a year the good folk of Cattistock organise a knob throwing contest to see who can toss their knob the furthest. This year Dave Morrison tossed his knob an incredible 21.8 metres, failing to beat the current world record knob-toss of 29.4 metres set by Dave Phillips and his knob back in 2012.

During the days festivities there are also other activities such as knob darts, or guess the weight of the knob. No knobs are wasted during the contests, all tossed knobs are gathered up and fed to the cocks.

“Most of the contest is taken in good heart and there is no food wastage. Everything that is left over – even the broken bits on the ground – goes to feed local chickens” organiser Nigel Collins gushed.

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