Telepathic pervert rapes women with his mind during church service

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A black magic sex pest was given a sound beating after allegedly telepathically raping women in church.

Tafara Mukoto fled from church on Sunday after a flustered woman accused him of violating her using magic. Mukoto is accused of using mubobobo, the alleged magical power men can procure from witch doctors in Zimbabwe in order to telepathically rape women using just their minds. On Sunday a lady in the church congregation shared with an old dear next to her that she felt as if she was being penetrated by a man’s phallus despite being stood alone in the middle of church. It is common knowledge in Zimbabwe that if a woman feels as if she’s having sex with an invisible man there is a mubobobo practicing pervert in the vicinity.

After a quick scan of the congregation Mukoto was fingered for the crime. He was sitting in church with a big smile on his face, tapping his foot, a sure sign he was telepathically raping women. As soon as the finger of blame was pointed Mukoto legged-it, but he was swiftly captured by angry men-folk and given a damn good thrashing.

“What happened is that one female congregant started complaining that she was just feeling as if she was having sex with a man. She looked confused and troubled and told some elderly women of her suspicions.” A source told My Zimbabwe

“As the matter was being discussed among the women, Mukoto, who was seen constantly tapping his foot suddenly bolted out from the crowd before we gave chase and managed to catch up with him.”

“He was thoroughly beaten and had to seek refuge at a nearby house which is still under construction,”

Mukoto says he didn’t do it.

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