Man famous for massive testicles dies

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Wesley Warren

Wesley Warren AKA ‘the man with 100lb scrotum’ has died from a heart attack aged just 49-years-old.

Warren shot to fame in 2011 when he appeared on the Howard Stern show to tell the world about his unfeasibly large testicles. Warren shamelessly explained to Stern, and his listeners how his nut-sack and bollocks had swelled to gargantuan proportions due to scrotal elephantiasis. In order to gain sympathy, the man with the 100lb scrotum told the world how his enlarged gonad-satchel had swallowed up his penis causing him to dribble piss down himself, and he couldn’t sit on the toilet to take a dump, so he caught his turds in a beaker.

The stories seemed to have done the trick, because last year Warren finally received medical treatment and had the colossal ballbag successfully removed. Life seemed to be improving for Warren, he no longer had to wear a sweater on his bollocks and was able to live a relatively normal life with just the occasional snigger if anyone recognised him in the street. But sadly Warren’s new lease of life has been short-lived, almost a year after the 13-hour operation to remove his cobblers Warren suffered two massive heart attacks and died in a Las Vegas hospital last night (Friday 14th March). Close friends say that Warren had been hospitalised for the past few weeks due to his diabetes.

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