Boffins determine why some people experience orgasms from passing large stools

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Passed out on the potty

Dr Anish Sheth, author of best selling book What’s Your Poo Telling You?, says he’s cracked the mystery over ‘poo-phoria’, the euphoric feeling some people experience from crimping off a massive turd.

According to the good doctor a nice, big, rectum-stretching, bolus of poo will stimulate the same nerve which is associated with sexual climax.

“The distention of the rectum that comes with the passing of a large mass of stool causes the vagus nerve to fire,” Dr Anish explains.

Poo-poo expert Anish says that it is perfectly safe for people to bulk up their craps with plenty of fibre in order to experience this so-called poo-phoria, but he warns that it could become addictive, and there are some dangers. Surprisingly those dangers aren’t from torn bungholes or ruptured sphincter-rings, but from passing out and bashing your brainball in.

“The net effect of this poo-phoria is a drop in your heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn decreases blood flow to the brain,” he said.

“When mild, the lightheadedness can lead to a sense of sublime relation — the high.”

“However, a more significant drop in brain perfision can cause ‘defecation syncope’, a dangerous syndrome that results in a loss of consciousness.”

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