Wolf of Wall Street breaks record for cinema swearing

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Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s new hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street has set an all time world record for the most uses of the word ‘fuck‘ in a motion picture. Sadly, there’s no Academy Award in that category.

Over the course of Scorsese’s fifty year career he’s been no stranger to some saucy language. Two of his other great movies, Casino and Goodfellas are also full of effing and blinding. The Wolf of Wall Street manages to cram in a spectacular 506 ‘fucks’ over a three hour period, which beats the previous record holder, Spike Lee’s 1999 film Summer of Sam, by a not too shabby 71 ‘fucks’. In comparison Casino only had 422 ‘fucks’ and Goodfellas almost surprisingly only had 300 ‘fucks’, the majority of which must have been uttered by foul-mouthed angry midget Tommy DeVito, superbly portrayed by Joe Pesci.

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