Two-headed gecko

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Two-headed lizard

Three lucky Thai chaps got a special Christmas present this year, they found a baby two-headed gecko.

Ratchapol Pangsri, his brother, and a friend found the little lizard on the Eve of Christmas Eve, a night usually celebrated by eating large quantities of curry and drinking copious amounts of booze. But Ratchapol and his brother were busy catching lizards, and what a catch they made!

“When my brother found it, one of its heads was still covered with eggshell.” Ratchapol explained.

“It’s very small – about the length of a baby’s finger – and it was very weak.”

The three reptile wranglers are keeping the tiny critter in a bowl, and are feeding it ants and small insects which they attract using a spoonful of sugar. And it seems to be working!

“We feed it with insects – ants and little bugs. I don’t know if geckos normally eat these things, but it looks much healthier now.”

Bearded herpetologist Mark O’Shea, Consultant Curator of Reptiles at West Midland Safari Park, recommends that the trio feed their new found pet mealworms.

Two-headed or deformed animals are very popular in Thailand. Superstitious yokels believe they can bring them good luck.

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