70 swimmers injured in frenzied piranha attack

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70 swimmers were treated for injuries on Thursday after they were mauled by a school of carnivorous piranha fish.

Some of the victims of the bloodthirsty fishes were just children, who had entire fingers and toes chewed off by the piranhas as they bathed in the Parana River in Rosario, Argentina. In scenes which no doubt echoed the film Piranha 3D, which starred Kelly Brook and porno gal Riley Steele, dozens of bathers fled the bloody waters of the aptly named Parana River to seek medical attention.

Lifeguards quickly pointed the finger of blame at Pygocentrus palometa, a large, voracious species of piranha with big teeth that can “really bite”.

The beaches were quickly closed, but with temperatures in Argentina reaching blistering 100-degree temperatures it wasn’t long until people started risking their fingers and toes to try and cool down.

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