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Precisely thirty years ago to this very day the legendary TV show Automan premiered its first episode.

Automan was another outstanding creation by that genius of TV production Glen A. Larson. Larson had previous smash hit shows Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Manimal, Fall Guy, and Knight Rider, which he’d borrowed or stolen ideas for. This time round it was Tron getting the Glen A. Larson treatment and just to prove it wasn’t out and out plagiarism the producer enlisted the help of Donald Kushner who had previously worked as operating producer on Disney’s Tron.

Inspired by the look of Tron, Larson came up with a great idea of a computer generated artificial intelligence which would manifest as a hologram and fight crime. Automan is without doubt an incredible concept, and he drove a really cool car which could turn through ninety degrees in a split second and was covered in neon lights.

Sadly the show only ran for one season of 13 episodes, Automan was clearly way ahead of its time.

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