Danielle Lloyd takes a ‘selfie’ whilst having a crap

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Former Miss England fittie Danielle Lloyd, or Danielle O’Hara, or whatever she’s called these days, is the first entry in what we hope will become a regular feature on The Morningstarr* — Totty on the Potty!

The popular WAG and alleged racist was apparently celebrating her 30th birthday last night, regardless of the fact it isn’t until the 16th of December, when she made the brilliant decision to take a photograph of herself sat on the toilet, knickers down, crimping off an oily loaf or taking a well deserved slash. The sexy glamour model quickly uploaded the cheeky snap to her Instagram account, and almost as swiftly removed it again after having second thoughts.

The photo came with the caption “Posh wee wee in my gold toilet lol.” And it is indeed a posh toilet, it even has its own Bum Gun that Danielle can use to blast off her cling-ons and tag nuts. It also clearly features a full length mirror facing the lavatory so the user can watch themselves grimacing as they pebble-dash the pan. Very posh.

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Danielle Lloyd on the toilet

Danielle Lloyd on the toilet

Cubed earwax
  • Peter Jolly

    Marvellous, chuffin’ marvellous.

  • The Bum Gun

    Glad to see Danielle Lloyd is a lover of The Bum Gun bidet sprayer. She’s definitely gone up in my estimations!! Top lass for sure!! http://www.thebumgun.com/store/