Arson blamed on homosexual demon

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Jeremy Anderson

An Oklahoma man is blaming a gay demon for his troubles.

22-year-old Jeremy Anderson has been arrested for arson and may face further charges after cops burst into his house and caught him cooking his bible and smashing the place up. Anderson says his troubles began when a homosexual demon buggered and bummed him.

Police arrested Anderson at his home on Wednesday, they found him covered with blood and other suspect fluids. He was speaking in tongues and had covered himself in salt and soap. When police entered the apartment the crazed resident was busy throwing all his belongings out of his broken windows, he challenged officers to throw down their weapons and sort out their differences using hand-to-hand combat. When they refused he told them he was a satanist who, whilst high, had allowed a “possessed homosexual demon” to perform a sex act on him. He insisted he was not gay, just high at the time.

Officers were forced to use tasers on Anderson, but whilst seemingly detached from reality he simply pulled the taser darts out of his body and continued vandalising his property. He was eventually subdued after a tussle with the rozzers and taken to a local hospital for an examination. During this time Anderson calmed down a lot and asked officers to let him go, saying he hadn’t done anything wrong as was merely remodelling his apartment.

Anderson was charged with arson for burning his bible on the stove, he may face further charges for resisting arrest and property damage.

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