Korean poop wine

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Here at the Morningstarr* nerve centre we’ve heard talk of this Korean poop wine on a number of occasions and failed to nail down whether there’s any truth to the stories.

The legend is that a select few people in South Korea know the original recipe for fermenting an alcoholic beverage with medicinal qualities using human excrement. We weren’t really prepared to fly to Korea to drink watery crap, but those brave fools souls at Vice Japan have done just that, and documented their shitty findings in this utterly brilliant video.

The beautiful and amazing Yuka Uchida tracks down a predictably wacky South Korean traditional medicine man who claims that making booze from children’s turds is a long held Korean tradition that is great for making you better if you’ve fallen out of a tree or been beaten by a large wooden club. Bonkers Dr Lee Chang Soo demonstrates the poo wine production and fermenting process at every stage, holding nothing back. Dr Soo reassures the intrepid Miss Uchida that he’s not some kind of weirdo oddball who solicits bodily fluids from young children, the faecal matter was donated to him by the open-minded mother of a seven-year-old. Once he has hold of the oily loaves Dr Soo pops them in the refrigerator and stores them for a few days before they’re ready to be turned into wine.

Yuka Uchida drinking wine made from poo

Yuka Uchida drinking wine made from poo

As unlikely as it sounds Dr Soo tries to convince the lovely Yuka that a young child’s poop doesn’t even have much of an odour, but according to the reporter herself there was a “shitty smell” at the clinic.

Miss Uchida sticks with her resolve, despite the “shitty smell” and the fact the wine looks unsurprisingly like the result of a colonic irrigation, she chugs back on the bum-rinse brew whilst Dr Soo reassures her any foul taste, smell or feeling is simply in her mind. This does not prevent the attractive young reporter yakking up puke and spew in a grid outside the crazy doctor’s clinic.

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