Nutjob abducts and rapes prostitute to win her heart

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Cartoon version of Michael Allen Pilgrim

A crazy prostitute user kidnapped a former vice girl and spent a week raping her in a soundproof room hoping this would make her fall in love with him.

34-year-old oddball Michael Allen Pilgrim had regularly paid for the unnamed woman’s services when she had been a sex worker, but felt totally razzed-off and annoyed when she quit her chosen career path in 2011 and stopped selling her body. Pilgrim, a former aeronautical engineer from Melbourne, had never had a proper sexual relationship with any women other than hookers and believed that he had a real connection with his victim. When she quit the tarting profession Pilgrim took it as a personal rejection and decided to win his harlot’s heart by stalking, abducting and raping her.

Pilgrim began his romantic mission by fitting GPS bugging devices to the woman’s car and tracking her movements on his computer. He then set up fake identities, created disguises, procured several weapons and rented a secluded property in a rural part of Australia, which he soundproofed. Then in July last year he snatched the object of his affections off the street, handcuffed her, and bundled her into his car. He then drove her to his raping-room where she was chained from her ankle to an eye-bolt in the floor. Pilgrim then spent the week repeatedly raping his victim, somehow believing that she would eventually succumb to Stockholm syndrome and fall deeply in love with him.

But things did not go according to plan, the woman began bleeding from her vagina and suffering severe abdominal pains, Pilgrim drove her to a nearby hospital where she was treated for an ectopic pregnancy. Pilgrim was arrested ten days later and pleaded guilty to rape, stalking, abduction and false imprisonment. He will be sentenced later this month.

Cubed earwax