Joey Chestnut defeated at slugburger contest

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Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie

The world’s number one competitive eater, Joey Chestnut, was beaten this weekend at the second annual World Slugburger Eating Championship held in Corinth, Mississippi.

Despite never eating a slugburger before Chestnut went into the contest feeling confident after recently winning the annual International Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York and setting a new world record.

“I just came out of the hot dog eating contest, so my body is used to ingesting a ridiculous amount of food,” Chestnut explained.

“They look a little bit different from hamburgers,”

“I’m just hoping they taste good. If they taste good, I should be able to get in a good rhythm, and I’ll do well in the contest.”

But as it turned out it wasn’t to be Chestnut’s day, he was beaten by up and coming gurgitator, the young Matt “Megatoad” Stonie. Stonie went into the match as the title holder, winning last year’s event with 30 slugburgers in ten minutes. Chestnut wasn’t about to make things easy, even though he’d never trained with a real slugburger he managed to match Stonie’s record of 30 burgers in ten minutes, but Matt managed to best his previous record by one burger to retain his crown.

“I killed two birds with one stone today. I kept my title and beat my own record. It’s amazing.” The 19-year-old Californian said after his victory.

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