Summer Glau signed up for Arrow season two

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Summer Glau

Arrow, the tv adaptation of the DC Comics character is likely to be axed at the end of its second season now that producers have added cult TV’s kiss of death, Summer Glau to the cast.

As brilliant as Glau is, she seems to be the genre television equivalent of Jonah. The 31-year-old actress has a hugely impressive list of TV shows on her CV, which ended abruptly. Firefly was the start of the actress’s curse, the show’s cancellation was deemed almost criminal by its fans, although no responsibility was placed on Glau at that time. By the time Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles had gone tits-up people were expecting Dollhouse to bite the dust shortly after sexy Summer joined the cast. The curse continued when she joined the cast of The Cape, and it didn’t even manage half a season before getting canned. Her inclusion in awesome super powered people programme Alphas may simply have been a coincidence when it was cancelled prematurely?

Summer did have a guest spot in Hawaii Five-0 earlier this year, and so far that hasn’t been burned. The CW mustn’t be very superstitious or they’re confident the curse of Summer Glau is over as they’ve decided to cast her as a series regular in the second season of their superhero drama. Ms Glau will be playing Isabel Rochev, the Vice President of Acquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company seeking to take over Queen Consolidated. Fingers crossed Isabel turns out to be an android.

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