Naked Rambler jailed for 11 months

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Stephen Gough the Naked Rambler

The Naked Rambler, Stephen Gough has been sentenced to 11 months in gaol by Portsmouth Crown Court for breaching an anti-social behaviour order.

Gough was tried in his absence due to the fact he was banned from attending court because he refused to wear any clothes. The jury was told how the former Royal Marine and keen naturalist had been issued with an ASBO, preventing him from exposing his genitalia or buttocks in public, by Southampton Magistrates in February. When Gough walked out of the magistrates court that day, with the ASBO in his hand and his cock and balls swinging in the breeze, police immediately arrested him. They did offer the naked activist clothes to put on, but he promptly refused.

Authorities were struggling to prosecute Gough for his nakedness, as it isn’t actually a crime. In order to really try and punish the 53-year-old for continuing to defy them, Hampshire Constabulary and a local council dreamt up the idea of issuing Gough with an ASBO. Breach of an anti-social behaviour order carries a much stiffer penalty than public order offence and judge Sarah Munro QC jumped at the opportunity to dish out a much harsher sentence.

“This is a much more serious offence than the other public order offences. In those circumstances I take the view only a substantial custodial sentence is appropriate.” The judge gushed.

Gough has already spent six years of his life behind bars, jailed for his beliefs.

Do you support Steve in his campaign, or do you think he should just put his pants back on? Tell us below, or join the debate on our lively forum: Naked Rambler

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