Haunted Manchester Museum

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Curators at the Manchester Museum have been left flabbergasted after CCTV footage has shown an ancient Egyptian statue has began moving around all on its own.

The seemingly haunted statue rotates on its base in an anti-clockwise direction, as if looking around the museum’s egyptology department with it’s own spectral eyes. Egg-headed boffin and artefact expert Campbell Price was the first to notice the 250mm black object had been moving around, but he initially assumed that another member of museum staff had been buggering about in the display case and simply nudged the effigy. It soon became apparent that the statue was moving regularly, either by someone’s hand or perhaps supernatural influence.

Price set up a CCTV camera to monitor the statue’s display cabinet and the unbelievable footage shows that the statue mysteriously moves all by itself.

The ancient Egyptians manufactured statues like the one in the museum to act as vessels for the souls of the deceased. Could this really be a centuries old dead Egyptian rattling about in a museum display case? Tell us what you reckon could be moving the artefact in the comments section below, or on our forum: Manchester Museum’s haunted statue

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