Andrew WK sets new drumming world record

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Mental rock star Andrew WK has set a new world record for 24-hour drumming marathon.

The Party Hard singer accepted the drumming challenge as part of the O Music Awards, who last year got The Flaming Lips to play the most amount of live concerts in a 24-hour period. WK was allowed an hourly five-minute-break whilst completing the exhausting challenge, he told the NME he was struggling the most during hour 14 after which things started to get easier again.

“I definitely feel better now. I’ve felt a lot worse. It definitely all feels much better than I thought it would,”

During the challenge WK was joined by one or two celebrity guests, such as Cuba Gooding Jr. and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith. When the record was completed WK tweeted a message to all his fans who had supported him over the previous 24 hours.

“Remember… I didn’t do it, WE did it. You were with me every beat. I feel very emotional and party.”

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