Dog with no face returns home

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Kabang, the heroic mongrel who saved the lives of two young children has returned home to the Philippines after receiving medical treatment in the United States.

Kabang became famous in February 2012 after it was reported how the brave little mutt suffered terrible injuries whilst saving her 11-year-old owner and her three-year-old cousin from a traffic collision. As Kabang pushed the two youngsters out of the way of a speeding motorcycle the poor pooch got her snout caught in the wheel’s spokes and her muzzle was literally sheared-off. Although Kabang survived the ordeal she was badly injured, press dubbed her the ‘dog with no face’ and support began pouring in from around the globe to ensure the hound was properly cared for.

A medical nurse from New York set up a website and Facebook account raising money for Kabang and she was eventually flown out to the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Davis, California. On top of the nasty injuries it emerged that Kabang had developed cancer, and potentially deadly heartworm. After beating the cancer and successfully treating the heartworm vets sadly couldn’t rebuild the pup’s fuzzy little face, Kabang will spend the rest of her life without a muzzle, but thanks to the care she has received she will still lead a full happy life back home in Zamboanga City with her family and the young puppy she gave birth to shortly after the accident which caused her injuries.

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