The world’s fastest toilet

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Stuntman, inventor, record breaker, and joker Colin Furze has hit headlines again with the world’s fastest toilet.

Furze is holder of three Guinness World Records, and almost a criminal record when he was arrested for inventing a moped fitted with a flame-thrower. This year he set his sights on something a little less violent or dangerous, a 55mph lavatory. The turbo-powered potty is fitted to a 140cc motorbike engine bolted onto the chassis of a mobility scooter. The fully functioning toilet is filled with water, which Furze says makes the vehicle a little top heavy and splashes his buttocks if he goes over any bumps.

“It is quite scary to drive as the water in the toilet makes it very top heavy and I get wet when I go over any bumps” the qualified plumber explained.

“The toilet seat is also quite slippery so it’s hard to stay on and stop myself from sliding off when I go fast.”

Last year a stuntwoman from Canada claimed to have broken the landspeed record on a toilet when she hit 45mph whilst sat on the throne. This record was never officially confirmed by Guinness World of Records and Mr Furze aims to have his toilet speed properly verified by Guinness adjudicators when he participates in an official time trial at the Shakespeare County Raceway in Stratford upon Avon this weekend.

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