The Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties 2013 — Poll Results

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The Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties Poll 2013

The wait is finally over, all this year’s votes have been counted and the results of The Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties Poll 2013 are in.

Unlike previous years, no practical jokers have managed to skew the results by block voting for some ugly minger such as Helen Worth or Susan Boyle this year. Yes, there were still a couple of votes for mono-browed warbler, Boyle, but overall our discerning readers managed to submit a mouth-watering bevy of beauties in this year’s poll. Last year the ever popular Kelly Brook took the prestigious top-slot with a landslide victory, her final number of votes was double Holly Willoughby’s who came in second.

So how do you think busty Brook did this year? Has she held on to her title, or has she been toppled off her throne? This year thanks to our revamped voting system we received almost 35,000 votes for more than 120 different hotties. We have an exciting 18 new entries on this year’s chart, five re-entries, four non-movers, eight fitties moving up the chart and seven ladies slipping a few places.

A special mention of course to the good folks at Sebor for sponsoring this year’s poll. Congratulations to G. Hutton from Suffolk who’s name was picked put of the hat and wins a bottle of Sebor’s finest absinthe just for taking part in the poll!

Now on with the results, hit the next page to see the first fittie on our Top 42!

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