The Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties 2013 — voting is open

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Top 42 Fitties Poll 2013

It’s that time of year again when we ask our discerning readers who they think is the fittest bit of fluff in the public eye today. We then compile a list of the top 42 fitties which are named in our poll, hopefully gauging an accurate response and creating a comprehensive list of the most beautiful and sexy women in the known universe.

Doesn’t always work out, there’s always some clown who votes for ‘your mum’, but more alarmingly last year it emerged that a fair portion of Morningstarr* readers have a bit of a thing for mono-browed songstress Susan Boyle!

Each to their own, the majority of the results were more like you’d expect and the overall winner eventually turned out to be huge-hootered honey Kelly Brook. For inspiration you can check out all of last year’s results here: The Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties 2012 — Poll Results

This year the poll is sponsored by Sebor, manufacturers of one of the world’s premium absinthes by blending 13 herbs and spices and boasting the highest legal measure of the infamous hallucinogenic, wormwood. Everyone who casts a vote in this year’s poll will be entered into the draw to win a bottle of this revered emerald booze. To increase your chances of winning the liquor (and voting your favourite totty to number one) you can submit your selections once a day until the poll ends at midnight 12th May. Just fill in the entry form below including the names of your three hotties and click ‘submit’. Try to remember, the poll is for fit, sexy women. No munters this year please.

Voting is now closed

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