Attempted theft of a horse’s penis

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Icelandic Horse

Sick weirdos in Scotland have attempted to steal a horse’s penis.

The 23-year-old Icelandic gelding, named Hrafn was found by his owners on Thursday morning bleeding profusely with his John Thomas hanging on by its urethra. The poor nag had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the dong, which could not be reattached or repaired. Insp John Toule, of the Scottish SPCA said the penis injury was the result of a deliberate malicious attack.

“This appears to have been a malicious attack.” He said grimly.

“It is difficult to comprehend why anyone would do this to a defenceless animal and this attack is extremely concerning”

The horse’s owners say that thankfully Hrafn is on the mend, although he was quite traumatised by the attack.

What do you think the attacker wanted with Hrafn’s wanger? Leave your comments below or join the discussion on our forum: Thieves try to steal horse’s penis

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