Diver’s worst nightmare — a two-headed shark

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Two-headed shark

Fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico have made a startling discovery, a two-headed bull shark.

The shark foetus was alive in the belly of its mother when it was found. It has two clearly well developed heads caused by dicephalia and not conjoined siblings, it is a single shark but with two heads and more importantly two sets of jaws.

The fishermen who caught the mother shark, off the coast of Florida in 2011, cut the beast open and released its foul offspring back into the ocean. Fortunately the two-headed killing machine died shortly after it was separated from the umbilical cord or it would be out terrorising the seas at this minute.

An article in the Journal of Fish Biology written about the two-headed sea monster say the mutation may be the result of pollution in the oceans.

Two-headed bull shark foetus

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