Villagers ward off evil spirits with massive penis

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Penis shrine

Superstitious yokels at a village in eastern Thailand have erected a two-foot-long, brightly decorated wooden cock to repel a murderous ghost.

For the past 20 years locals at Nong Yai say they have been plagued by a malevolent spirit which kills men in their sleep. The so-called ‘Widow Ghost’ has been blamed on dozens of mysterious nocturnal deaths for decades. Some families eventually fled from the village in fear, others built a shrine and sprinkle holy water on a 60cm bright red wooden phallus with a golden bell-end.

According to local know-it-all, Nattacha Butchali for the past two decades men have mysteriously popped their clogs in the middle of the night. On the night of their deaths the men supposedly dream they are making sex with a beautiful woman, but the woman is in fact the notorious ‘Widow Ghost’ and the men wake up dead.

To appease the randy and deadly spook the villagers decided to make an offering of a nice big red willy. Mr Butchali didn’t say how successful their campaign had been.

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