The dog with no face prepares for surgery

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A hero dog who had her face ripped off whilst saving two young children from a road accident in the Philippines is due to receive facial surgery in California.

The little mongrel named Kabang shot to fame around 12 months ago when she saved the lives of her 11-year-old owner, Dina and Dina’s three-year-old cousin, Princess Diansing who were crossing a dangerous road in Zamboanga City. The two girls were in the path of a speeding motorbike when Kabang risked life and limb to save the pair by pushing them out of the road. Sadly in doing so Kabang had her muzzle trapped in the spokes of the motorbike’s wheels and the poor mutt’s nose and upper jaw were completely severed.

Kabang miraculously survived despite her horrific injuries. Because of the international interest in Kabang’s story a kindly nurse from New York launched a campaign to raise the necessary funds to have Kabang cared for medically. Care For Kabang managed to raise over $20,000 to assist the pooch with her medical bills.

The little mutt was flown to the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital in Davis, California where after an initial examination it was discovered that Kabang was also suffering from a range of other medical conditions. Vets found that Kabang was also suffering from cancer and quickly treated her with chemotherapy. Thankfully the treatment has been a success, but following the chemo Kabang has also received a course of arsenic-based injections to combat heartworm. Now she is just ready to begin surgery on her face to close the open wound and hopefully improve her quality of life.

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