American ‘Being Human’ makes UK debut in April

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Being Human US

Last week the excellent British supernatural TV show Being Human made it’s final broadcast and shuffled off this mortal coil forever. But news which may slightly lift the spirits of disappointed fans is the American version of the show will now be hitting telly-box screens in the UK next month.

The Yanks are up to season three of their interpretation of Toby Whithouse’s acclaimed series, season one which begins in the UK on 11th April follows the same themes as Whithouse’s original. A vampire, werewolf and a ghost live together under one roof and try to maintain normal ‘human’ lives. The US version cast Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, and Sam Huntington as the three lead characters. Witwer, who plays vampire Aidan, previously played bad guy, Doomsday in Smallville. Huntington also has a background with Superman, he played Jimmy Olsen in 2006′s Superman Returns. He also starred in Fanboys and has had guest spots on Human Target and Warehouse 13.

Meaghan Rath is a Canadian actress who played a young tennis player in little known Canadian drama series 15/Love, she plays the ghost in the supernatural trio.

Being Human premieres on Watch at 21:00 on Thursday 11 April. (109 on your Sky remote)

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