Naked Rambler handed a fine and sent back to jail

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The Naked Rambler — Stephen Gough

Stephen Gough, the Naked Rambler is back behind bars for his habitual nudity.

The former Royal Marine and dedicated naturalist finally made it out of Scotland after serving six years in prison for his constant nudity. But even after he crossed into England people continued to complain to police and Gough was arrested in Hebden Bridge, Halifax, Oxfordshire and Southampton.

Gough appeared in court yesterday in Halifax charged with a breach of the Public Order Act after several witnesses claimed to be distressed at the sight of the Naked Rambler’s reproductive glands. One witness told the court felt horror and disgust as she stared at Gough’s knob. Several children who were present were instructed to cover their eyes so as not to see the penis, for fear of mental scarring. One of the children used his mobile phone to call the police.

Magistrates promptly found Mr Gough guilty and fined him £120. He was returned to his prison cell where he is being held until he faces further charges.

The Naked Rambler’s continued campaign for the right to roam the country with his cock swinging in the breeze has seemingly frustrated police officers and magistrates the length and breadth of the country. Recently a new development emerged where police and magistrates employed new tactics to persecute the nudist. Hampshire Constabulary and a local council have simply applied to Southampton Magistrates Court for an Anti-social Behaviour Order preventing Stephen Gough from going out in the buff, and they granted the application in Gough’s absence. Police officers were then able to arrest Mr Gough for breaking his ASBO, an offence which can carry a five year prison sentence.

All is not looking too rosy for the Naked Rambler, who remains steadfast and true in his campaign to swing his wanger in the breeze.

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