Rioting takes place after school children are turned into vampires

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Up to 1,000 panicked residents have rioted in Zimbabwe after a teacher allegedly transformed into a fish and turned two of his pupils into vampires.

Riot police were called to break-up ugly scenes at the Hatcliffe Number 1 Primary School in Harare on Thursday when as many as a thousand angry parents and local residents marched on the school baying for blood like pitchfork wielding slack-jawed gawkers. The cause of their anger was the alleged transformation of two pupils into blood-sucking hairy vampires by a teacher who resembled a fish.

Witnesses claim that the two unnamed boys grew long vampiric fangs after their teacher gifted them with mysterious bracelets. After receiving the bangles on Wednesday the two boys began self-mutilating by biting off their own fingertips, their canine teeth grew incredibly long, their eyes were bloodshot and they grew fur on the backs of their hands. After biting off their fingertips they drank their own blood and became dizzy.

According to the witness the teacher, a Mr Bhuru had given the boys the bracelets telling them the jewellery would make them brilliant at school and they weren’t to show them to their parents. The witness claims that Bhuru is a satanist and that his skin had turned into scales like those of a fish.

According to Bhuru, the bangles were a gift to motivate the two pupils. During the rioting he took refuge in the headmaster’s office.

Once the angry crowd had been dispersed police resolved the situation between Bhuru and the boys parents.

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