Makers of the world’s strongest beer plan to produce even stronger brew

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A Scottish brewery who famously produce the world’s strongest beer are about to produce a limited run of an even more powerful ale.

Aberdeenshire based brewery, Brewmeister are the proud creators of Armageddon beer, a 65% ABV ale made using only four ingredients, no nasty chemical additives, and is naturally carbonated using fresh Scottish spring water so it tastes “ace”. On it’s release last November Brewmeister co-founder Lewis Shand described the beer’s potency as delivering “a supersonic-charged explosion that conveys the taster to Drunksville”.

Well, despite criticism from Scottish alcohol-safety focus groups the brewery have decided to go ahead and produce an even more ludicrously formidable beverage that delivers an even bigger wallop. The limited edition Snake Venom beer will be an eye-watering 70% ABV. Brewmeister, who produce other more reasonably vigorous ale’s such as Black Cock and Hopped to the Gates of Hell, will be unveiling their brand new super-strong booze in Aberdeen at the end of the month.

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