Dead woman grows a penis

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ZimbabweThe family of a dead woman in Zimbabwe claim that the deceased corpse grew a man’s penis.

30-year-old Modester Gida from the Mhondoro region of Zimbabwe died last week following a short, mystery illness. After Modester expired family members washed the corpse, it was at that time they discovered that Modester’s vagina had disappeared and been replaced by a phallus-shaped organ.

“My sister-in-law came here accompanied by her husband after she had become critically ill.” Modester’s brother-in-law Ganyiwa Utete told local press.

“She however passed on that same day. That is when my wife took part in washing the corpse. They then noticed that Modester had developed a manhood while her womanhood had disappeared.”

Modester’s older brother, Simon also chimed in.

“It’s true my sister ‘turned into a man’ when she died. She developed a male organ and a her womanhood disappeared.”

Simon said that the penis-growing incident with his dead sister had left a ‘bitter taste’ within the family.

“As family members, we gathered to witness the strange development. Our grandmother is the one who saw the mysterious development as she was preparing my sister’s body for burial” he explained.

The mourning family decided against informing the police of the bizarre developments, in case it hindered the burial process. However, they have informed village elders as they believe a dead woman with a penis is certain to be an act of black magic juju.

“We don’t know what kind of a disease it is but we believe it’s an act of witchcraft.” Modester’s 12-year-old nephew said in a statement.

“What happened here was so scary. It’s true a male organ grew on my aunt’s body.”

“This shows that some people are using juju. We have since reported the matter to our Village Head who also got shocked. He said he would take the matter to Chief Nyamweda.” An elderly aunt said.

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