The Beast of Tenby

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The Beast of Tenby

A strange and hideous creature has washed up on a Welsh beach.

A similar case to the Montauk Monster has raised its ugly head in Tenby, South Wales. Part-time beachcomber Peter Bailey was walking his dog along the coast when he discovered the remains of a ferocious looking sea-beast. Mr Bailey describes the foul creature as having the face of a horse, the body of a pig and the claws of a bear!

Photographic evidence of the bizarre animal was collected and sent off to Tenby council, who dismissed the unexplained discovery as a bloated, decomposing Jack Russell terrier. Mr Bailey refutes this explanation on the grounds of it being cobblers, he says the metre long corpse was simply too large to be a Jack Russell.

The photos were then referred to an egg-headed boffin at Swansea University’s College of Science. Dr Dan Forman gave a statement saying he couldn’t be certain, but it looked like it might be a dead badger.

What do you reckon it is? Tell us below, or join the debate on our lively forum: The Beast of Tenby

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