Fart by Mail set sights on Valentines Day

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At the arse-end of last year Fart by Mail broke onto the scene with their ingenious greeting card design, just in time for Christmas. And here at The Morningstarr* we jumped at the chance of sending drinking buddies, workmates, brothers and dads stinky fart-filled Christmas cards, but even we might draw the line at farty Valentines cards.

Sending a cheerful Chrimbobs trump in a colourful novelty card is one thing, but who the heck is going to get away with sending a noxious bowel-belch on Valentines Day? We wish our friends at Fart by Mail all the best of luck with this venture, I think they’ll need it. But if anyone has a significant other, or potential significant other who is one of those folks with some bizarre trumping fetish then this is indeed your lucky day. Not only can you satisfy the weirdo’s fantasy, you can even have 20% off! Simply nick-off over to Fart by Mail and at the checkout use the code LOVEFART to get your discount.

Off you go then, you dirty beggars.

Cubed earwax