Chinese loony kills ostrich

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Sinead O'Connor

A suicidal mental person in China has killed a defenceless ostrich during a bizarre and bonkers suicide attempt.

The 27-year-old man was visiting the Shaoguan Forest Park in Guangdong province earlier this week when he leapt from a moving tour vehicle and olled down a steep embankment to the animal enclosures below. It was first believed that the chap, named only as Li, had got into the tiger enclosure but he was later discovered in the ostrich pen.

Once discovered things turned even uglier, Li went on a one-man mind-mental and began stabbing one of the ostriches with a knife. Li was slashing at the bird’s throat and then began biting its neck and drinking its blood. Once the bird eventually died Li slashed his wrists in a half-arsed attempt at taking his own life. As police officers rushed to the scene Li lay on the ground with his hands behind his head reclining against the poor dead bird.

When Chinese police officers finally arrived they roughly subdued Li using sticks and batons and carted him off to hospital. Two suicide notes were found on his person, he was reported to be upset about an unspecified medical condition.

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