Miniature horse rapist

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Miniature horses (stock photo — not the rapist)

An owner and breeder of miniature horses in Florida says she will kill the man who has been buggering her animals if she catches the filthy pervert balls-deep.

Abby Conder says several of her prize miniature horses have been brutally raped since May last year. One of her horses named Joy was so badly buggered by a penis and other objects that it looked as if her entire bottom had been through a garbage grinder. Vets who examined the traumatised animals nether regions found human male semen.

In an attempt to protect the horses Ms Conder bought herself a guard dog to watch over the pint-sized ponies, but the hound was tragically beaten to death by the horse-buggering bad guy.

Despite filed reports to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department the cops did close to nothing to apprehend the villan. Ms Conder was told she would need to catch the bestiality beast herself, red-handed actually abusing her horses. Conder set up video surveillance cameras and managed to record some poor quality footage of the suspected rapist leading a pony outside to sexually abuse and sodomise in a private pen. The distraught animal lover says if the police can’t trace the man from the footage and she catches him whilst he’s in her barn she will use extreme prejudice.

“If I catch this man in this barn taking out another one of my horses, I will come down and I will kill him”

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