New spider species named after Megadeth Mustaine

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Aphonopelma Davemustainei

A heavy-metal rock music loving boffin has named a newly discovered species of tarantula after Megadeth’s mullet-maestro Dave Mustaine.

Professor of biology Brent E. Hendrixson discovered the Aphonopelma Davemustainei whilst looking under rocks and logs in New Mexico and Arizona. As soon as Brent knew he’d found something new he leapt at the chance to name the vile ugly creature after his favouritist heavy-metal hero, and Mustaine was thrilled when he heard the news. The long-haired greaser tweeted the news to his fans earlier in the week.

How cool is this? I got my own tarantula named after me! Totally metal!!!

That is totally metal, I don’t know if you could ever get more metal than that. Do you think anything could be more metal? Tell us below, or let us know on our smashing and wizzo forum: Can you get any more metal than this?

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