Witch doctor arrested for buying children’s excrement

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A faeces

A Ugandan witch doctor has found himself in trouble for buying children’s droppings.

Moses Oguiti from Nsambya was arrested last Thursday after worried residents reported the self proclaimed traditional healer to the police for buying poo-poo and burning it in black magic voodoo rituals. According to Oguiti’s neighbours he has been paying local children up to £5 for a good bolus of stool, or a few pounds less for any old dung they found lying about. Police believe Oguiti then uses the poops for “malicious intentions.”

The case was brought to the copper’s attention by Sofia Nankya who heads the local traditional healers association, she says Oguiti is not recognised by the association and is basically a rogue witch doctor burning kiddy crap without a licence.

Police chief Jeff Ssebuyungo said in a statement that Oguiti will be charged with child abuse and impersonating a witch doctor.

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