English Garden Worm Gin

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English Garden Worm Gin

A British gin manufacturer has jumped on the mescal bandwagon and is producing bottles of mother’s ruin with a worm floating in them!

The traditional mescal worm is an insect larvae which is found in the agave cactus plants that are used to make the spirit. As gin is made using juniper berries one might have thought that a maggot or grub associated with the juniper plant might have been the best choice but the makers of English Garden Worm Gin have put the emphasis on ‘English worm’ rather than ‘gin worm’. And this might not be a bad thing, the humble earthworm is a protein-packed nutritious morsel eaten by many cultures all around the world.

Backward and disgusting cultures you may say, and now’s your chance to sample a bit of that culture yourself, after getting slightly smashed or tipsy on a handy 200ml bottle of top-notch juniper juice. To get your get your grubby mitts on a free bottle of booze containing your very own gin-soaked worm all you have to do is pop your details into the form below and click ‘submit’. Full terms and conditions are here: T&Cs

A winner will be chosen at random when the draw ends at midnight on 5th January 2013.

Competition Closed

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