Give a unique Christmas gift this year — a trump

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An innovative greetings card company in America are offering a fabulous gift idea for that special someone in your life this Chrimbobs — a Fart By Mail.

Fart By Mail’s proprietor, Dr. Stink works tirelessly collecting botty-burps and trouser-guffs and hermetically sealing them within crystal clear polyethylene envelopes. Within the flatulence-proof envelope is a stylish greetings card which on opening lets off a ‘real Bronx cheer’ and the heinous odour is released from a poo-poo containment device. A sappy sentimental message of your own design is also included.

Dr. Stink promises to deliver top quality farts, ‘just like dad used to make’ to any international location for just a few dollars. Head over to Fart By Mail to order a proper stinker in time for Christmas, or keep hold of the details for any other seasonal celebrations or birthdays. Valentines Day is just around the corner once New Year is done and dusted.

But don’t forget, for the ultimate in flatulent Christmas greetings there is nothing better than a personalised bumring greeting trumped-out exclusively by the one and only Mr Methane.

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