Record for heaviest weights lifted by eyes

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Manjit Singh

A Leicester man has set a brand new world record for lifting the heaviest weights using just his eyeball sockets.

Strongman Manjit Singh from Highfields, Leicester lifted two 12kg weights over 10cm off the ground for more than five seconds by attaching them to metal hooks and placing the hooks under his eyeballs.

“I felt a lot of pain,” Manjit said after completing the record-breaking feat.

“It was the most painful record I’ve set.”

Manjit, originally from India has set over 30 world records for his remarkable feats of physical strength and endurance. Other records under Manjit’s belt include pulling double-decker buses using his hair, teeth or ears.

The compulsive record-breakers latest achievement was part of Guinness World Records day which took place on Thursday and saw thousands of people all around the world attempting record-breaking events.

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