Dolphins killed and mutilated by Mexican drug cartels

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The presence of murdered and disfigured Bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico has started a chain reaction of gruesome theories stretching from a possible serial killer to involvement from violent drug cartels.

The dead animals are being discovered washed-up on the shores of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi with gunshot wounds, stab wounds and parts amputated. Some of the dolphins had their faces mutilated or tails cut off. One suggestion is a serial killer who cuts the body parts off as trophies, but another theory is the dolphins are being murdered by rival drugs cartels who use the intelligent mammals to smuggle narcotics into the US across the Gulf of Mexico.

“We think there’s someone or some group on a rampage” Moby Solangi, executive director of Institute for Marine Mammal Studies said.

“They not only kill them but also mutilate them.”

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies say the number of murdered dolphins has increased in recent months, mirroring the increase in violence amongst Mexican drug gangs battling for supremacy in Mexico. The cartels are renowned for their extreme violence and regularly mutilate their rivals after killing them in order to send a clear message of intimidation. If dolphins are being trained to act as couriers for these drug gangs they are facing the dangers of rival gangs shooting and decapitating them, just as they do with their human counterparts.

The US and Russian navies have both had Navy Marine Mammal Programs since the 1960s where dolphins are trained to place explosives on ships. In 2000 the Russian Navy was accused of selling deadly combat trained dolphins to Iran. In 2005 it was reported that several combat trained dolphins from the US Navy’s marine mammal training base in Louisiana escaped during Hurricane Katrina. These battle hardened and deadly dolphins may have been recruited by the Mexicans.

Dolphins are also notorious rapists.

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