Boy cursed after farting on a witch

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A 12-year-old boy has swollen up like a balloon after a witch used black magic voodoo cursing him because he let rip a massive stinky trump on her.

Young Charles Roji told a local radio station in Ghana how he had simply been playing soccer with a bunch of his pals and chums when he scored a goal and let-off a terrific arse-belch as he celebrated. But Charlie’s dirty guff was emitted at just the wrong moment, because his pump offended the nostrils of a middle-aged woman who put a curse on him.

“One day when we were playing soccer and I scored a goal, I was so happy that I flatulated, just when the woman got there.” Charles explained.

“The woman, who was speaking Gonja, got very angry when my friends started teasing me that I had flatulated against the woman. I got afraid when the woman started talking angrily while my friends continued to tease me.”

Since that fateful day almost a year ago Charlie has been unable to squeeze a trump through his anus, his stomach has become large and swollen as it fills with his putrid gas. Charlie’s family haven’t taken to him to a hospital or doctor’s surgery but they have consulted a traditional healer who recommends that Charlie apologises to the woman and asks her to lift the curse on his corked ring-piece.

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Charles Roji

12-year-old’s swollen belly after curse stops him farting for a year

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