Top 20 hottest TV witches

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Switch hotties

Switch hotties

To celebrate the premiere of brand new British supernatural drama Switch this week, the Morningstarr* Minions have compiled a list of the top 20 fittest witches to have appeared in TV shows, ever.

Sure, there have been a fair share of hook-nosed warty old hags over the years and we know damn well that a fair share of you have a bit of a hankering for Emu’s nemesis, Grotbags. But this list is only for the genuinely hot and sexy practitioners of witchcraft.

Ever since Samantha first twitched her nose in Bewitched back in the 60s, there have been hottie witches, here’s the definitive rundown of the hottest we’ve seen.

#20 Lauren Bowles

Lauren Bowles

39-year-old Lauren plays Bon Temps’ resident Wiccan Holly Cleary in True Blood. She’s recently been seeing a bit of action with the town’s vampire-blood addicted sheriff Andy Balfour.

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