The man with the melting face

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Mohammad Latif Khatana

Poor old Mohammad Latif Khatana from India is having a hard time of it, his face looks like it’s melting.

32-year-old Mohammed lives in a very poor region of Kashmir, he’s spent his entire life being mocked, ridiculed and spat on because of the tremendous unsightly tumours ruining his face. The grotesque flaps of flesh hang over the poor chap’s one remaining eye so he can’t even see people when they point and stare at him.

Due to Mohammed’s monstrous visage he can’t find work, but he does manage to make 400 Rupees (£5) a day begging, which is actually double the national average wage. This lucrative career in begging may be what finally attracted Mohammed’s young wife to him. But there were other reasons, as Mohammed explains:

“My wife has only one foot, and so for many years she struggled to meet a husband. As soon as we met we knew we were right for one another”

“We were both medically incomplete, we were a good match.”

Well now Mohammed has gone and got 25-year-old Salima pregnant and he’s terrified the baby may turn out to be a freak, like him.

“I cannot wait to be a father and have some happiness in my life. But I worry every day and pray my child is not born like me.”

Following the recent media attention that Mohammed has brought on himself and his family the Kashmir Director of Health has decided to offer Mohammed free plastic surgery to correct his foul features.

“We are trying to locate the man who lives in a far off valley of Kashmir. After seeing his preliminary history, our plastic surgeons have decided to rebuild his facial features” Saleem-ur-Rehman told the Hindustan Times earlier.

Surgeons say the tumours are caused by neurofibromatosis, a terrible genetic condition that the famous Joseph Merrick is sometimes said to have suffered from. They will not know until Mohammed’s child is born whether it has inherited its father’s disease.

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