Lady Gaga tosses her cookies live on stage

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Not to be outdone by that little sissy Justin Bieber, sexy pop weirdo Lady Gaga spewed her ring this weekend live onstage in Spain whilst performing live on the stage.

Just last week pint-sized pop piss-ant Justin Bieber yakked-up some sick whilst miming away to one of his jaunty little numbers on the very first night of his “Believe” tour. Baby Bieber later explained that he’d drank too much milk, and clearly once finished on the teat his mother didn’t burp him properly.

Fast-forward or rewind to this weekend and Gaga is gyrating on stage in Barcelona as part of her “Born This Way Balls” international world tour around the planet. But disgustingly half the way through dancing to her hit pop record Edge of Glory Gaga erupts into a technicolour yawn very nearly splashing her topless male dancer with sick and chunder. But like a real trooper Gaga just wiped the chunky barf from her lips and managed to dance her way through the entire rest of the show. here’s a sexy photo of her.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

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