Geordie Pantsman back in the record books

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Slightly eccentric architect Gary Craig from Whitburn in South Tyneside has regained the prestigious title of world record holder for the most pairs of underpants worn at the same time.

Craig shot to fame in April 2010 using the monicker ‘Geordie Pantsman’ when he set the world record with 211 pairs of Y-fronts pulled on. The record has twice been beaten since, in June of that year a 10-year-old boy from New York managed to stretch 215 pairs of grundies over his backside. Then in February of this year the record was increased yet again when blonde hottie Janine Keblish from Seattle squeezed into 252 pairs of knickers.

So it is with great pride that 53-year-old Geordie, Craig has announced that he’s brought the record back home to Blightly with an amazing 302 pairs of undercrackers!

“It went very, very well and the official number is 302. I wanted to be the first person to put on over 300 pairs and I did it.” Craig boasted.

“I think I’m also the first person to hold the record twice – probably because no one else is daft enough to do it twice.”

“I wanted to break the record by so much that if anyone else ever does manage to break it – they will definitely deserve it.”

All that remains is official confirmation from Guinness World of Records after they have examined video evidence from the event.

Geordie Pantsman — Gary Craig

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