Raccoon found in Somerset

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A lucky devil in Taunton, Somerset discovered a raccoon visiting his garden and reported it to local wildlife groups thinking it was a chuffin’ badger!

“We thought it was a badger, we were quite surprised. We’ve been here over 30 years and never had any problems.” Kenneth Beazley said.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue were contacted and they set up a baited trap to catch what they believed would be a badger, that had been routing through the Beazley bins.

“It’s really unusual to find a raccoon living in the wild here, they’re a North American species, so it would have been an animal that someone specifically had as a pet, I imagine, as he is okay to be handled.” Sara Cowen from Secret World explained.

The little critter has been christened Bandit, due to the black markings around his eyes which look like a burglar’s mask and bugger all to do with Burt Reynolds. The charity are appealing for Bandit’s owners to come forward or else they’ll keep him themselves.

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