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Phil Davis

The fifth season of hit supernatural drama Being Human is about to go into production and veteran British actor Phil Davis will be joining the show next year as a cast regular.

Davis should be a very familiar face, he sprang to fame after appearing in Quadrophenia in 1979 and has since appeared in dozens and dozens of British film and TV productions usually playing nasty little rotters, brilliantly. With a certain degree of typecasting Davis will be playing another bad egg in Being Human, a wheelchair-bound, bitter grouch named Captain Hatch.

“Captain Hatch has seen it all, at least he reckons he has, and whatever it is, he doesn’t much like it.” A BBC insider has revealed.

“Stuck in a failing body, in a wheelchair, in a dismal seaside hotel, things aren’t exactly sunny side up. Hatch embodies the worst in humanity – he’s bitter, manipulative, obsequious and cruel.”

“And beneath his decrepit exterior there lies within him a dark and toxic secret that could rattle your soul with fear.”

Davis is seemingly relishing the idea of playing such an odious character.

“I’m very excited to be joining the cast of Being Human. It’s a great show.” The 59-year-old actor said this weekend.

“I’ll be playing Captain Hatch – I don’t want to give too much away about the character at this early stage but I can reveal that he is marvellously disgusting.”

Being Human is set to return to BBC3 in the new year, current vampire and werewolf combo played by Michael Socha and Damien Molony will be returning and this season they will be joined by a fresh-faced ghostly spirit played by the lovely Kate Bracken.

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