Killer shark spotted just inches from British coast

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Blue shark

A deadly eight-foot-long blue shark has been spotted swimming merely inches away from a Welsh beach.

Swimmers leapt out of the water in fear of their lives as the huge predator glided through the shallow waters heading for a group of splashing children at New Quay beach, near Cardigan, West Wales.

Witness 17-year-old Jasmine Jones was aboard a yacht in the bay when the shark swam along the shoreline.

“We just saw a big shadow of a shark. It was only a few metres from the sand.” She said.

“It was bright blue and its eyes were really round, not beady — they were huge. There were a lot of local kids swimming and the shark was swimming straight towards them.”

“I didn’t know what to shout — I’ve never seen a shark here before.”

Blue sharks are considered dangerous, the species is responsible for over a dozen attacks on humans, four of which ended in fatalities.

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