Two-headed reptiles

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Two-headed reptiles

This week has seen a two-headed turtle and double-headed snake hitting the headlines.

Marine biologists carrying out a study on loggerhead turtles in Florida this week were lucky enough to stumble on a diddy two-headed hatchling. The boffins took the freak of nature back to their lab for some observations and once they were happy that the little critter was capable of making it in the wild they released the creature back into the ocean where they expect it to thrive.

Also this week our friends at the Venice Beach Freakshow in California have acquired another two-headed hognose snake. Lenny and Squiggy went on display back in 2010, but now Todd Ray who owns the Venice Beach Freakshow has another hognose to display and he’s faced with the difficult problem of giving the two heads suitable names.

You can make a suggestion on their Facebook page, and Ray says whoever supplies the winning names will be treated to a private tour of the Freakshow (travel not included): Facebook: Venice Beach Freakshow

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